Washington, D.C., June 18, 2024 — AcuraStem proudly sponsored the recent IgNight ALS event in Washington, D.C., a poignant evening dedicated to celebrating Steve Gleason and his profound contributions to the ALS community. Held on May 23, 2024, at Washington’s Union Station, the event marked the debut of Gleason's new book, A Life Impossible: Living with ALS: Finding Peace and Wisdom Within a Fragile Existence.

Gleason, renowned for his years with the New Orleans Saints and celebrated for his iconic blocked punt during a game marking the reopening of the Louisiana Superdome post-Hurricane Katrina, has become a beacon of hope and determination since his ALS diagnosis in 2011. Through his foundation, Team Gleason, Steve has worked tirelessly to live vibrantly despite his diagnosis and to provide resources for others facing similar challenges, while also advocating for impactful legislation like The Steve Gleason Act.

The evening brought together key figures including political strategist James Carville, Microsoft’s Fred Humphries, Farhad Imam of Gates Ventures, Jeffrey Rothstein from Johns Hopkins Medicine, Critical Path Institute CEO Klaus Romero, and Emily Baxi from Public Health at the Milken Institute. They joined to support the ALS community and celebrate the release of Steve’s book, sharing inspiring stories and reflections on how resilience can create a foundation for making the seemingly impossible possible.

Dr. Wen-Hsuan Chang, Associate Vice President of Discovery and Early Development at AcuraStem, attended the event, reinforcing the company’s dedication to the ALS community. “Tonight's gathering was a powerful demonstration of how this community works together in the face of ALS,” commented Dr. Chang. “AcuraStem remains committed to advancing research and supporting initiatives that help improve lives affected by neurodegenerative diseases.”

IgNight ALS was not only a celebration of Steve Gleason's enduring spirit but also an affirmation of the collective resolve to continue pushing forward for treatments and a cure for ALS. AcuraStem’s sponsorship reinforces its commitment to supporting community events that inspire and mobilize significant contributions to neurodegenerative disease research and patient care.



About AcuraStem

AcuraStem is a patient-based biotechnology company pioneering treatments for neurodegenerative diseases including sporadic ALS and FTD. AcuraStem’s best-in-class disease modeling platform, iNeuroRx®, enables the discovery of innovative, effective, and broadly acting treatments. The team’s strong expertise in ASO technology provides for the rapid advancement of treatments to the clinic. AcuraStem’s research is funded in part by support from the Alzheimer’s Drug Discovery Foundation, Harrington Discovery Institute, Alzheimer’s Association, Rainwater Charitable FoundationDepartment of Defense and the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke.


Kissy Black
Director of Communications, AcuraStem