Peter Sazani, PhD – Head of Translational Medicine

Dr. Peter Sazani is the Head of Translational Medicine at AcuraStem. He is an expert in oligonucleotide and RNA therapeutics with two new drug approvals and several successful INDs. He played a major role in the entry of ASOs into the clinical mainstream, by leading the development of FDA approved eteplirsen for DMD from preclinical through to NDA submission. As the former Executive Director at Sarepta, his expertise spans from preclinical ASO development through IND enabling studies to clinical and regulatory management. At AcuraStem, Dr. Sazani leads the IND-enabling toxicity studies and early clinical development across AcuraStem’s programs. Dr. Sazani performed his postdoc at Harvard Medical School after earning his PhD from the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill.